What is Dbug

Finally there is now something on the market that mosquitos really hate. A solution that protects you from insect bites and that is 100% safe for young and old. Pure, natural protection that can easily be assembled without leaving any permanent marks on your home.

The Dbug is a mosquito net that you can use without having to drill into your ceiling. Thanks to a unique tubular construction and specially designed foot-pieces, you just place the mosquito net around your bed. The Dbug fits around every single and double bed and  therefore is always big enough to keep those pesky, zooming bugs safely away. And what's more, the Dbug is very easy to fold up and take away with you. So, not only at home, but also on holiday you can enjoy a mosquito-free zone without drilling in your home. And that's good to know.

The 2021 production has been adjusted. When installing the Dbug the extra additional pole should also be used also. In this way the Dbug is more spacious which gives you more comfort.



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